Bijainagar Fort by 1589 Hotels

Ajmer Rd, Bijainagar, Rajasthan 305624, India
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Experience True Rajputana Hospitality

A visit to Rajasthan evokes a nostalgia for the chivalry, valor and romance that has remained associated with the Maharajas and Princes of this desertland on the western borders of India. The enigma that surrounds the great forts, beautiful palaces and havelis lend an otherworldly aura to the stories of mighty deeds of its men and the beauty of its women.

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Fort Bijainagar Ajmer Lawn and Gardens Fort Bijainagar Hotel Bijaynagar 2

Bijainagar Fort by 1589 Hotels is one of the finest luxury hotels near Ajmer and the state capital, Jaipur. The hotel is constructed using architectural styles of Rajputana, and a motorable promenade along the periphery of the estate takes you to the West Gate –Chandra Dwar or the Moon Gate the entrance to this luxury leisure hotel. Driving around and arriving at the East Gate –Surya Dwar or the Sun Gate, the guests are greeted with a traditional Indian welcome, in the main courtyard called the Swagat Aangan, with flower garlands, cochineal and rice and holy prayers that mark the arrival of a guest. Hereupon you are in for a journey through the storied past and elegant hospitality of Rajasthan.

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The Hotel Bijainagar Fort by 1589 Hotels features exquisitely furnished rooms, lobbies and exteriors which use the heritage architectural styles and upholstery, reminiscent of the regal lifestyle of Kings of old.