Enjoy dining with your loved ones beneath the starry skies of Jaipur. Enjoy a specially curated four-course meal and make your holiday a memorable one!


Don the chef's cap, and work wonders in the kitchen. This is an experience you would not forget!


Join our initiative to help stray animals, and give the four-legged furballs a new lease of life.

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Feed the geese at the picturesque locations near our hotel as your stay at Brijnest Jaipur.

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Learn directly from our gardeners at Brijnest Jaipur, and enjoy while making the environment greener and prettier. 

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Learn the route of your food from farm to table with an exclusive tour of the poly house with the chef, and some hands-on organic farming experience. 

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A cup of tea, tête-à-tête, and more!


Make the world a little more green with our plantation drive initiative. Join hands with us and help us in our efforts to make our earth a better place!



Kickstart your day with a lavish breakfast spread curated to meet your taste and needs.