Corporate Social Activity



BRK Saturday is an initiative organized by 1589 Hotels to serve society.

The initiative has been named after our late beloved Sri Birendra Kumar (BRK). He was one of the key founding contributors to 1589 Hotels, Clarks Inn and Clarks Group of Hotels.

The BRK Saturday is organized on the last Saturday of every calendar month; we as a team go and devote our time to a cause of one of our team members choice. It may range from planting trees, to visiting an orphanage, to feeding the poor.

This initiative of our society helps us in fulfilling 1589’s endeavour to create a socially responsible entity as well as educating responsibilities towards society, within ourselves, and our employees.



'SUDHA SOCIETY 27th July 2019
Organised by: Sawan Kumar

The Society has been created for Public, Educational, Medical, Relief, Health, Training, sustainable development by vocational training of needy community, basic research and Charitable purposes and the Members shall hold and stand possessed of the Society Fund upon Society any where in India for the many more purposes.


'SAATHI' AN OLD AGE HOME 29th June 2019
Organised by: Deepika Tomar 

“SAATHI” Old age home has been constructed on a plot measuring 3000 sq. yards and is centrally located in a quiet, calm, pollution free peaceful, environment, just 30 minutes from the Indira Gandhi International Airport & 2 kms. from Vasant Valley School. Special attention is paid to create such an atmosphere where in the Senior Citizens from different strata of the Society feel ‘at home’ away from Home. All efforts are being made to ensure that the residents live together as one single-family unit and endeavor to create and maintain utmost cordial atmosphere at the “HOME”.

25th May 2019
Organised by: Gaurav Tyagi

Dream Girl Foundation is a non-profit making organisation which works hard for the upliftment and betterment of the girls. They focus on improving the lives of girls by providing them education, shelter and clothing across the country. They take proper care of the girls and try to make their lives better. They believe that education is one of the most important mediums that help in developing the country. The NGO provides quality education to all the underprivileged girls so as to enhance their standard of living.

Organised by: Prem Ranjan

The CSR was organised at a Government Primary school in collaboration with School of Health Screening Program . Doctors and nurses from SHS visit schools annually to conduct health screening of students to detect health conditions common among the school-going population. The dates for these screening sessions are scheduled to minimize disruption to lessons.

BAL VIKAS DHARA30th March 2019

Organised by: Ankit Agrawal

An NGO which provides free education and food to under privileged children.

Organised by: Anil Kumar

Shiksha education centre. 1,000+ underprivileged children are enrolled at this completely free Education Centres, where they also provide them free books, notebooks, uniforms and a nutritious mid-day meal. Meritorious students from Class V are also given full scholarships to complete their formal education at Class XII level. One of their long term goals is to establish a Senior Secondary School for underprivileged children. Shiksha is also running Vocational Training Centres for Underprivileged Youth to equip them with relevant and marketable skills. Courses include Basic Computer Training (in partnership with IHC - Habitat Learning Centre), Tailoring, Beautician, English-Speaking and Basic Adult Literacy.

BAL SAHYOG– 19th January 2019
Organised by: Chetan Sonkar 

Bal Sahyog was founded by late Prime Minister, Smt. Indira Gandhi in 1954, for the care and protection of orphan, helpless, abandoned and neglected children. Prime Minister of India is the Patron of Bal Sahyog. It is a Children’s World serving thousands of children in its Home and Contact Centres in the slums of Delhi by providing nutrition, health care, education and protection. It is also supporting thousands of youth and women through vocational training, awareness education, health services and gainful engagement/placement services etc.

DAY FOUNDATION– 29th December 2018

Organised by: Rubina Ansari

1589 in collaboration with Uday Foundation served food to the needy. Uday Foundation serve free, but wholesome, food to families of underprivileged patients in the Govt. Hospital and also for the children who come from far-off places to the Delhi hospitals for often longer treatments.


Organised by: Preeti Singh

Pehchaan the street school (Trust) is an effort put forward by a group of people who are working together to promote & provide FREE EDUCATION to underprivileged children residing on streets & slum areas.

GO GREEN AT C ONNAUGHT PLACE – 27th October 2018

Organised by: Gaurav Tuteja

The initiative was conducted at Connaught Place – New Delhi. The motive was ‘Go Green Delhi’.

FRIENDICOES –29th September 2018

Organised by: Suyash Tyagi

Friendicoes is spread in over 10.5 acres of land, out of which 8 acres are on rent from local villagers, the Friendicoes Sanctuary provides a safe haven to almost 600 dogs, 200 Equines, 80 cats and 40 odd cows. The sanctuary also runs a hospital and ABC centre for dogs from the Gurgaon area. The hospital provides treatment to the distressed animal as well as offers a place to rest and recuperate before going back to the streets.

DASTAK– 25th August 2018

Organised by: Anant Kumar

‘Dastak’, a production unit started by Railway Women’s Welfare Central Organization (RWWCO) for making eco-friendly and affordable “sanitary pads” at its Sarojani Nagar Railway Colony centre. The setup includes a pad making machine, which utilises wood pulp, gel sheet, back sheet, net, non-woven sheet, silicone paper which are all biodegradable. The napkins after packing are sterilised using ultra violet rays.


Organised by: Soumya Rajan

Rashtrahit Vidhyalaya provides free education and meal to the underprivileged children. 

NIRMAL HRIDAY– 30th June 2018
Organised by: Mamta Khanna 

Nirmal Hriday an old age home is located in New Delhi an is run by The Missionaries of Charity. These services are provided, without charge, to people regardless of their religion or social status.


Organised by: Hriday Gupta

SOS Children’s Villages of India, Greenfields is located in the town of Faridabad is a well known NGO in Delhi NCR. SOS Children’s Village at Greenfields was established in the year 1964. At present, the Village consists of 193 children in 20 Family Homes under the loving care of 18 dedicated mothers, 4 aunts and 3 mother trainees. All important festivals and days of National and International relevance are celebrated in the village with utmost enthusiasm. Workshops and seminars are also organized in the village to educate children about social issues like children’s rights, gender equality, sex education etc. Special training sessions are held at the SOS Village, where children are involved in various activities that bring out their best of skills and help them realize their maximum potential.

DEEP ASHRAM– 5th May 2018

Organised by:  Neha Sharma & Shristy Haryson

Deepashram is a House of Blessed Mother Teresa of Kolkata; and more importantly, a home for physically and mentally challenged orphans. A world within a world, Deepashram was established on July 3, 1994, and shelters handicapped boys and men ranging from 10-35 years. What started as a small community in Sector-4 Gurgaon, is now registered with the Missionary Brothers of Charity, and as a society with the Haryana government.

NAVJYOTI –24th February 2018

Organised by: Vibhor Kushik

Navjyoti Global Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (NGSPL) is pioneer organization formed to contribute in the growth of the nations. ‘’Knowledge gives new life”, Navjyoti's prime aim is to impart knowledge of living life skillfully and successfully. It is committed to transform lives and career of people by giving advance knowledge, skills and vision.

PREM DAN ASHRAM –27th January 2018

Organised by: Anuj Yadav

Prem Daan - Missionaries of Charity Mother Teresa Home at Bhati Road Mehrauli New Delhi is a charity home for mentally challenged females of all ages. It is funded by Mother Teresa Trust. It is very huge and houses more than 150 mentally challenged girls & women. It has in-house doctors and other para medical staff in addition to the regular staff. People donate all types of things, like old clothes & food items for the inmates of Missionaries of Charity Mother Teresa Home.

NIRMAL JYOTI –25th November 2017

Organised by: Shristy Haryson 

Nirmal Jyoti is an orphanage for disabled girls in Vasant Kunj. There are almost 50 girls who are taken care for by the sisters of St. Joseph congregation.

MOKSH FOUNDATION –29thOctober 2017

Organised by: Shallu Kisroo

 Moksh Foundation is a non-profit NGO established under Society Registration Act, 1860 and the Bombay Public Trust Act, 1950. Moksh Foundation is satisfied by empowering vulnerable people. Human life is generally divided in three segments: Childhood, adulthood (we focus on women) and Old Age. We serve every stage of life. Moksh Foundation is working for Education, Health of Vulnerable children, Women Empowerment and Senior Citizens.

DEEP ASHRAM– 24th September 2017

Organised by: Anish Pandey 

Deepashram is a House of Blessed Mother Teresa of Kolkata; and more importantly, a home for physically and mentally challenged orphans. A world within a world, Deepashram was established on July 3, 1994, and shelters handicapped boys and men ranging from 10-35 years. What started as a small community in Sector-4 Gurgaon, is now registered with the Missionary Brothers Of Charity, and as a society with the Haryana government.