Leisure at 1589 Hotels

1589 Hotels offers the perfect space to unwind and get away from the bustle of city life. Choose from our exquisite leisure properties and enjoy an unforgettable holiday with friends and family.


We at 1589 Hotels believe that a relaxed mind and a relaxed body are key towards achieving professional success. Our business hotels are ideal for rejuvenating your mind and brainstorming with colleagues. 

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Special events deserve a grand celebration and at 1589 Hotels, our exquisite banquet halls are designed to offer a unique atmosphere that adds to your memories. Create eternal moments with the best wedding venues at 1589 hotels which are ideal for hosting your dream destination wedding.


If you wish to undertake a pilgrimage to Varanasi and Vrindavan, then 1589 Hotels is the place to stay. Our exquisite hotels are nestled in an atmosphere that exudes calm and tranquillity. What's more? A team of expert professionals will help you through each step of your yatra and ensure that your spiritual journey is one that is marked by the rejuvenation of your soul.


Many hidden treasures are unearthed in the forests of India, and at 1589 Hotels we give you a chance to experience the adventure of a lifetime.


Experience the royal splendour and live life king-size at 1589 Hotels. Our exquisite heritage hotel lets you peak into a world of grandeur where an old-world charm is recreated and you can feel the pulse of a bygone era. 


1589 Hotels is known for its impeccable hospitality and warm services. Our aim is to provide you with a holistic experience at our rejuvenating spa which refreshes your mind, body, and soul.